Supporting Services to the Chinese MedTech Market

  China MedTech Marketing Inc. (CMTM) is dedicated to providing market intelligence and sales & marketing solutions to the Chinese medtech industry, covering market research, database, newsletter, and distribution.

With many years experiences in the medtech industry, we are focusing on the key market segments including medical imaging, medical electronics, IVDs, orthopaedics, high value medical consumables, as well as medtech manufacturing.

  We have been building the good relationships with both multinational and local key players to which our public newsletters are regularly delivered, including medical device manufacturers, dealers, associations and hospitals.
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China Medical Device Industry Yearbook - 2016 (New Publication)
Market Intelligence

Market Research   Database   Newsletter
For your understanding better of the certain market segments, covering regulations, market size, trends, driving factors, as well as local players and key competitors.  

Data and info about medical equipment bidding sales, healthcare resources, hospitals, as well as medtech products & manufacturers.


Industry dynamics about policies, new products, competitors, and hospitals.

It could be customized based on your keywords.

Sales & Marketing        

Market Entry   Distribution   Business Development

Providing consulting services for your entry into China market, including competitive environment, market potential, and products registration.

  Supporting your products distribution in China including identifying dealers and establishing sales channels.  

Supporting your business development in China, including public relations, digital marketing, and strategic collaboration opportunities.

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